In 2014, FDF Founders predicted that social media would give access to Fashion Week experiences like never before. No more, insider-only presentations, having the right people in your front row could mean big bucks for fashion houses.

In 2016, TYF put together a board of 8 fashion professionals to help bring the Fashion District Festival to life.

In 2018, Fashion District Festival partnered with CITYCENTRE HOUSTON to kick off the first ever Fashion Festival in American History. Fashion District Festival is an inaugural fashion week connecting Retailers/Brands/Consumers with a tech savvy, interactive fashion experience.

Guests can preview garments from big box brands or custom clothiers In-store, on the runway + virtually. Watch fashion shows live from anywhere in the world. Our Interactive fashion presentations are live streamed across national online & social platforms.

On September 23rd, 2018 the last day of the Fashion District Festival, TYF was recognized by the City of Houston with a Proclamation Day.  Mayor Sylvester Turner recognized the importance of this community event, and the significant achievements of Toxin Youth Foundation’s unwavering community efforts.

Charitable Beginnings

Fashion District Festival is a major fashion event Yes, but first it’s about giving back, The organizers of the Fashion District Festival Houston, Toxin Youth Foundation (TYF) have a passion for stirring the creativity in the mind’s of the youth; the non–profit organization will be benefited receiving a percentage of proceeds during certain events over the course of the seven-day fashion week.

More information on Toxin Youth Foundation:

Toxin Youth Foundation stemmed from a piercing desire of wanting to create change for Houston’s Impoverished. Toxin Youth is a social welfare organization dedicated to stirring the minds and hearts of our youth. TYF’s mission is to provide mind expanding tools, resources and opportunities to those who aren’t afforded them. The Fashion District Festival Houston will be benefiting the Construction of the African American Performing Arts school in Houston’s Historic Third Ward. http://www.toxinyouth.org/